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Truth Speaker Readings

"Adam's psychic abilities were daunting and even before we started our first session he was reading me like an open book"

Pervin, Hong Kong

Adam is a gifted psychic reader with 25 years of experience. Primarily palmistry and Pschometry based, his readings are direct, accurate and profound. He is well known for his blunt and truthful style. He gets to the key points very quickly and goes straight to the core of people’s problems. This was demonstrated during his two years on TV3 in Ireland. His direct style and accuracy led to him being called ‘Truth-Speaker’.


People usually want to hear the truth which can enable them to change their course and find ‘greener pastures’. He describes his readings like this;


“You are walking in a dark room. I switch on the light. Now you can see the furniture. The light goes out again but now you can navigate the obstacles.”


He uses more than one modality to delve deeply into the persons potential pathway. He has never found an unreadable person.  A reading from Adam is like "a roadmap to the future".  As he tunes into you, he quickly deciphers what it is that you specifically need to hear.  His readings give insight and understanding into your past, present or future. His remarkable gifts bring clarity and illumination to all situations. 

Adam also offers effective readings by phone.

"I met with Adam on two separate occasions while he was in Hong Kong and both

were memorable, miraculous and thoroughly enjoyable. More importantly,

they were life changing experiences. Adam's psychic abilities were daunting, and even before we started our first session, he was reading me like an open book. He told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to face obstacles, overcome them and move forward. He was intuitively able to identify both physical and emotional blockages, without any help from me and then proceeded to help me to heal both.

Adam has an amazing spirit, and one can sense this as soon as they meet him.

Not only is he gifted and insightful, but he operates from the heart and his genuine desire to help you is unmistakable."

 - Pervin, Hong Kong

"I had experienced several traumatic times in my life – a genetic disability requiring multiple surgeries, the death of my father at a young age, divorce and multiple other stressors, too numerous to mention.

I was hurt, angry and I kept repeating my mistakes.

I tried psychotherapy, medication and many self –help methods to heal my troubled soul.  Nothing gave long lasting results – until Adam helped me.

Adam is the only one who got to the heart of my troubles and helped me find lasting peace.

I am deeply grateful for his help."

 - Stacey, High School Teacher, California

"Hi Adam,

Just wanted to let you know how your amazing knowledge has affected me.

Today I woke up and knew immediately that things were totally different.

I feel much happier and at peace.

Thank you again some much. I just thank God that you were put in my path when I desperately needed it."

 - Caroline

"Dear Adam,

Thank you for the reading today.  You not only gave me a reading, but direction and explanation, as well.  Many times we hear but do not know what to do with the information.  You took the extra step to build your thoughts for clarity and I appreciate it.  Thank you very much."

 - Joyce Cathcart, Newport, California, 2008 



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