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Truth Speaker Healings


I can say that he saved me in a way.”

- Oceane, Paris

Adam’s healings are a unique experience offered only by him.

He has developed the ability to identify the negative emotions, entities and spiritual damage that are adversely affecting the body.

He can simply and painlessly return the body to a state of optimal wellness and reverse the physical damage caused.

Most people are trained in one modality and become blinkered to that way of thinking.

However, Adam is not encumbered by this structure.

He has studied many traditional healing modalities from around the world and then developed his own more efficient and effective therapies.

Many of his clients have visited other practitioners previously but have not had success.

You could say that he is the last resort.

He can remove life’s emotional rubbish, sludge and detritus giving startling results.

Most get instant relief from physical, emotional and spiritual injury.

Very few sessions are required to achieve a positive harmonic balance.

This is possible because of his ability to quickly identify and resolve the key issues.

He also gives nutritional advice to enable optimal wellness.

"Adam is one of the most talented and profound healers I have ever encountered. His understanding of energetic entanglement and ability to clear negative energy down to the cellular level is quite astounding. I came to him distressed as a result of complex emotional trauma. After a series of sessions, the distress, the trauma, the doubt, the negativity are gone. Completely gone. Blessings Adam. I am a qualified clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist and I can say without doubt that your professionalism and ability to heal is unique and unmatched. Thank you. You are a very special gift to the world."

 - Darcel, Australia

“I spent 8 days with Adam, and my experience was amazing. I had a severe condition with my back. A hernia that was so big that it prevented me from walking. I was in so, so much pain and I did not know what to do.  Doctors wanted to operate and I was scared. It was incredible, Adam helped me get rid of all my negative emotional stress - and I had a lot! He also repaired a lot of muscular damage and within 2 weeks I was pain free and walking normally again.  He helped me figure out so many things about myself - my fears and my potential and most of all he helped me to find peace with everything that brought me to the condition I was in. I can say that he saved me in a way.”

- Oceane, Paris

"I found Adam to be committed, professional, deeply insightful, and extremely knowledgeable and caring in every aspect of our work. I deeply appreciate his ability to help afford me a healthier, pain-free body. In addition, the release of negative energy, paving the way to increased inner peace, was invaluable."

 - GJS, California

"I have known Mr. Higgs as a known professional for greater than 10 years. He has assisted friends, family and patients of mine to heal old emotional wounds and triage medical problems. Clients were seen in Kansas, Colorado, California and Arizona.

 Mr. Higgs ability to decipher a person’s problems is second to none. He is able to identify a list of problems that are impeding a person’s ability to heal".

Additionally, Mr. Higgs he delivers care in the most effective way that a client can understand and heal. Since the type of clients were many in number they all reported satisfaction in their individual sessions and saw over time marked improvement in their current situations.

I would recommend Adam Higgs as a professional healer for those people seeking to gain emotional, spiritual, mental and physical control or healing."

 - Cathleen, Arizona

"My first impression was positive. I immediately liked him. He says what he thinks and means what he says. He is charismatic, with a powerful presence and deep voice that gets your immediate attention. I did not, however, feel intimidated at all. I put that down to his enormous good will.

 I had a one-hour healing session. I entered this experience with an open mind but also a bit sceptical. After that hour I felt a weight had been lifted from my body and my soul. I stood up straighter, moved more easily -- I did experience a fundamental change.

 I continue to feel I have made a major positive shift letting go and moving past traumas. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, lighter in my own soul. I feel a darkness has been replaced by light. After decades of therapy and working on my self -- I am at last past it. Resolved. Released. I did not get the outcome I was hoping for; I got an outcome that is better than what I was hoping for.  My only regret is that my scepticism and linear thinking kept me from seeking and accepting this sort of help sooner. My "contempt prior to investigation" delayed a level of healing that I very much needed. I have no doubt I will continue to benefit from the work I did with Adam Higgs"

 - Derek, California

"Dear Adam,

​I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me since my fall.  As you know I was virtually house bound and in excruciating pain, within a couple of days I was able to move around, though cautiously, the relief was immense.  The most amazing thing of all was the fact that this was all done by long distance phone.

All I can say now is that your telephone number is "TOP" of my priority list.  I am now getting around and almost back to normal, so dear Adam once more, "Thank You”."

- Diana, England

"Dear Adam,

I would like to spread the good news.  In 2006 I was very seriously ill with Meningitis and I spent six weeks in hospital.  And I think my real comeback was from Adam Higgs healing.

​At the time I was in hospital in Cork, Ireland and Adam was in America.  Adam rang my good friend in Ireland.  She told him how ill I was.  He sent me absent Healing immediately and continued to do so for several weeks until I was recovered.  I believe that through Adam's wonderful healing, I am here.  I did not think I could reach perfect health again.  Thank God, I have.  

No words can express my thanks to Adam."

 -  Mary, Ireland. (AKA The Walking Miracle!)

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