"Adam is one of the most talented and profound healers I have ever encountered.

I can say without doubt that his professionalism and ability to heal is unique and unmatched.

Thank you Adam.

You are a very special gift to the world."

 - Darcel, Australia

Rev. Adam Higgs

Don't despair!

The gift of health can be yours!

Are you prepared to have a life changing experience and move from endlessly treating your symptoms to complete health and wholeness?

You have found your answer!

Adam is a master bio-energy healer with unique abilities. He has a world-wide clientele and his success rate is high.

After years of studying many ancient healing methods from around the world he has developed his own quick, painless, and highly effective techniques.

Bringing people from pain and suffering to joy and wellness.

He is recognised for his 'no-nonsence' style and for quickly identifying the root causes of peoples physical and emotional problems. 

He is now based in Spain but travels regularly to the USA, Asia and around Europe.

He also offers effective consultations by phone and has many satisfied clients who use this service.